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Internship Program

Our 2019 internship year was a good one! We now look forward with anticipation toward another strong internship season in 2020. If interested, please contact us!

For the 2020 farm season, we seek four hard-working, team-oriented individuals (age 18+) desiring to learn about small-scale, diversified farming and holistic land management. We welcome self-motivated, creative, and willing learner-workers to partner with us to develop and sustain our educational farm. Each intern will tend to a unique set of responsibilities while also working with others on general farm projects. Interns can expect to devote 25-30 hours/week toward specialized intern roles and 10-15 hours/week toward more general farm projects. We desire that interns will learn about many aspects of diversified farming operations while dedicating themselves specifically to the development of a particular area of HWF’s work.

Call us: +1 (815) 646-4815

Your Time At Hungry World Farm

Each intern’s experience will be shaped by his/her unique interests and skill sets while serving HWF’s broader mission and vision. Interns should leave with a strengthened understanding of holistic, regenerative farming, sharpened skills pertaining to a particular part of the farm, and broadened experience in a wide variety of farm activities. Interns will also be invited to take part in “farm field trips” to visit and learn from other farms. Interns will have access to HWF’s growing library of books and resources related to food, farming, and agriculture. Interns can expect to work hard, have fun, and learn plenty. We seek to facilitate a collaborative, community-oriented environment with lots of learning, sharing, and fun as part of the work. We welcome you to take part with us in shaping that environment here at Hungry World Farm!

Internship Details

  • Internship duration: 2-6 months
  • Dates: Flexible. April – November.
  • Housing : On-farm housing provided
  • Compensation : $300/month stipend

If interested (or with questions), please contact us at 309-360-5728 or We look forward to talking with you.

When ready to apply, please:

  1. Submit a brief cover letter and résumé
  2. Complete our application (found here)

Applications will be accepted and processed on a rolling basis. The application deadline for the 2020 season is April 17, 2020.


Download, Read and Fill in the application forms for your Internship Position, then email them back to

Hungry World Farm Application Employment or Volunteer Position



HWF Background Check Release Employment/Internship


Possible Intern Possitions

Pastured Livestock Intern

Assist in daily care (feeding, watering, rotating, general care) of HWF livestock. Assist in management of rotational grazing program. Construction of chicken and rabbit “tractors” and other livestock shelters. Various infrastructure projects. Routine fence work, establishment of new pastures, and development of silvopasture projects.

Market Garden Intern

Help with all activities (production, processing, sales/distribution, etc.) related to maintaining diverse, no-till market gardens.

Berry Intern

Assist in management of strawberry and blueberry plantings and help with marketing and U-Pick operation.

Perennial Plants

Help to develop and maintain mixed perennial plantings. Assist in the development of flower and herb gardens.

Winter/Spring Intern

 Assist in pruning of perennial plants, plant propagation, and seed-starting. Early season preparatory work.

Farming Learning Center/Education Intern

Assist in educational efforts and hosting of visitor groups. Develop interactive displays. Create, collect, and arrange materials for display.

Marketing and Promotional Intern

Assist with promotional efforts at Hungry World Farm. Help to develop and maintain website and social media outlets. Spread awareness of HWF events and learning opportunities at the farm.

Food Processing & Product Development Intern

Assist in the processing and preservation of farm produce. Assist with learning days to teach about processing and storing food. Help to develop  and market value-added products.

Ground & Maintenance Intern

Assist with mowing and general maintenance of grounds, fields, and pastures.

Waste-to-Resources Intern

Locate and collect organic materials. Management of compost piles. Demonstrations and teaching about composting and diverse approaches to soil health. Make compost teas, develop fertility amendments, and apply amendments around property.

Independent Study/Research Project Intern

(Dates flexible May-August): Design and conduct study or a research project through collaboration with HWF and professor/advisor within your discipline of study. Possible topics include: water quality, soil or pasture health, biodiversity, etc.

“Living in a hungry world” Intern

(15 hours/week) provide farm team with reading materials and reflection opportunities. Help facilitate group conversations and dialogue about our lived response in today’s world. (25 hours/week) general farm projects.