Update – May 3, 2020

  Greetings, Friends of Hungry World Farm!

The spring weather, green grass and increased daylight give a sense that we have made the change of seasons.  Action continues to pick up around the farm with much growing in the gardens and hoop house.  Newborn lambs and kids are joining their moms out in the pasture.

Like everyone else, we are living in the multiple challenges of Covid 19.  Markets are a bit uncertain.  Something just does feel right not having learning events or visitors touring the farm.  We are planning for interns to learn, work and live at Hungry World Farm.  Food is growing. What isn’t challenged as much?  The earth and other creatures seem to be flourishing in humanities’ change of pace and lesser consumption.

Our current intern, Maiga from Tanzania, seems ready to let go of winter.  He continues to learn and helps with spring tasks at the farm.  Maiga reflects, “One thing I like here at Hungry World Farm is that HWF is not only a farm but it’s a place where you can learn about nature and how to take care of creation.” We still have room for interns for this growing season. Please send possible interns to our website to fill out an application.

Would any of you, or anyone you know, have a 20 foot or longer travel trailer to donate or loan to Hungry World Farm?  With the hope of interns living in both sides of the farmstead house and Stephan in the middle apartment, we are looking for a camper as Dave’s summer residence.  It will give him some personal space and a quieter sleeping environment.  Please contact us to talk about how this might happen soon.

We hope to build a lot of permanent fence this summer.  If you have some T posts or woven wire that would be a great donation to this ongoing project.  Dave uses intensive pasture management where the animal rotate through many paddocks as the days move along.  It might be time to clean out the barn or shed.  Ask your neighbors, please, about posts, too.  Contact Dave 815-303-4295

The market garden is being expanded.  Greens and other vegetables are growing.   Local, fresh, nutrient dense, food means so much for our household these days.  I call the Hungry World Farm spinach, “vegetable candy.” Yum! Please contact Stephan if you have interest in a CSA, or want updates for available products from Hungry World Farm – stephan@hungryworldfarm.com or 309-360-5728

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer or are interested in helping with some projects at or for Hungry World Farm.

Thanks for your continued support in donations and encouragement as Hungry World Farm continues to grow.

We all hunger.  Hopefully soon, you can come to the farm!

Peace to you!
Cal Zehr

Email: cal@hungryworldfarm.com

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