At Hungry World Farm, health (in all its aspects) is always a primary goal and is central to our approach for growing crops and raising animals. We believe that healthy food comes from healthy soils, land, and ecosystems. As such, we focus on soil and ecosystem health, and we aim to develop production systems that are diverse and holistically managed.

Some goals to which we aspire: Building soil organic matter and increasing biological activity. Minimal soil disturbance through low- and no-till techniques. Integration of animals and crops toward a closed-loop system. Strong diversity. Utilizing locally available resources when possible. Respect and care shown to animals (giving animals excellent quality of life in alignment with the way the animals are meant to live, usually out on diverse pastures). Animal feeds (non-GMO) are chosen with care and, as often as possible, come from the HWF property.

Regarding the materials we use on the farm, our standards meet or exceed USDA organic standards, though we have not yet pursued organic certification. We aspire to grow and raise food with integrity, and we are glad to answer any questions you may have about our growing practices and livestock management. Please contact us with questions you may have!