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**Blueberry U-PICK season has come to a close for 2020. A great thanks to all who came out to help gather the harvest. We look forward to continuing to care for those plants, and we anticipate more picking opportunities in 2021 and beyond. Thank you again!

Saturday, July 18 (6:05am) : We welcome you out for a final morning (7am-12pm) of U-Pick for this season. There are just a few berries out there still waiting to be picked.  We will have a self-serve system set up for you. Come on out!

Friday, July 17 : We still plan on a final day of U-Pick for the season tomorrow, Saturday, July 18 (7am-12pm). This will be a self-serve setup. Please don’t expect lots of berries, but you are more than welcome to come and pick what you can. Thanks for helping us to clean up the harvest!

Tuesday, July 14 : No U-Pick today (due to few ripe berries ready for picking). We do plan on a final U-Pick day of the season this coming Saturday, July 18. We do not expect many berries, but we do want to provide a final opportunity for you to pick if you have not been able to make it out so far. It will be a self-serve situation. Thank you!

Monday, July 13 : Again, there will be no U-Pick tomorrow, Tuesday, July 14. We apologize for the late call with tomorrow’s closure. Given the relatively few ripe berries ready for picking, along with the other berry orders we have received, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate U-Pick tomorrow. Even with the recent rains, production does not seem to be increasing. We hope to open this Saturday, July 18, for a final day of U-Pick (self-serve) to clean up some remaining berries. We thank you for understanding the unpredictable nature of how seasons unfold (including blueberry seasons!) and our efforts to steward the distribution of these berries. Thanks to all who have come out to pick this season- whether pounds or just a few! Please call us if you have additional questions.

Friday, July 10 : No U-Pick tomorrow, Saturday, July 11. There are still lots of unripe berries on the plants. We are hopeful that the recent rains will provide a boost to the plants and that more ripe berries will be ready for picking by next Tuesday, July 14. 

Tuesday, July 7: CLOSED for U-Pick. Due to dry conditions, the berries have slowed. The plants are needing water! We hope to open again for U-Pick this Saturday, July 11. Without rain, though, that likely may not happen. Please continue to check this page for updates, and feel free to call with questions.

Monday, July 6, 11:00am : No U-Pick on Tuesday, July 7. Due to limited water to the plants, blueberries will not be ready for picking tomorrow (Tuesday), July 7. We are again sorry to those who were hoping to pick tomorrow, and we hope there might be an opportunity again this coming Saturday, July 11.

Saturday, July 4, 12:00pm : Closed for U-pick. Again, a huge thank you for the collaborative effort in gathering berries this morning. Your interest in berries has continued to exceed our supply, and we thank you for choosing to come get berries from us!

Saturday, July 4, 7:20 am : We have already reached full capacity for blueberry U-Pick. Thank you for your interest in these fruits! If you had plans to come pick berries today, it would be best to look toward this coming Tuesday or next Saturday. More berries are yet to ripen. Thanks again to all of you for your support!

Saturday, July 4, 6:00am : Open for U-Pick (7am until the field has been picked)! There are ripe berries ready to be picked, and there are even more unripe berries that will be ready in days ahead, so know there should be opportunities for more picking as we move into the coming week. We have not reached the peak of blueberry season.

Friday morning, July 3 : After picking over the field quite thoroughly on Tuesday, ripe berries will be ready for picking tomorrow! That said, demand has been quite high, and we are expecting a strong U-Pick turnout tomorrow. It may be that ripe berries are gathered by early in the day. Stay tuned for updates here. If you do plan to come to pick tomorrow morning, coming early in the day will give you the best chance of finding berries. We may end up needing to close partway through the day, as we did on Tuesday. 

We would still be glad to have you come out for picking tomorrow, July 4. It should be a great day for picking. We ask that you please understand the limited supply and strong demand. These blueberries are such a wonder!

Thank you, and maybe see you soon!


Blueberry season continues, and we are pleased to offer these tasty fruits! Blueberries will likely be available in greatest abundance from June 30 until July 11. The peak of blueberry season looks like it will be somewhere around July 4 – July 7. Blueberries will be available in these ways:

U-Pick : Tuesdays (7am-12pm; 4pm-7pm) and Saturdays (7am-12pm). Beginning Tuesday, June 30. $3/lb. We hope to see you out for picking! 

In wet conditions, the path to the blueberries becomes difficult to navigate. Please check this page for updates about path conditions and possible closures. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions about U-Pick.

Ready-picked pints : We will pick pints for Tuesday and Friday pick-up from the farm and/or delivery, depending on your location. $7/pint

Bulk/Wholesale orders : We will pick bulk orders (5lb or more) according to availability and in the order in which we receive your orders. We will be in communication with you about how to get the berries to you. $6/lb.

UPCOMING BLUEBERRY U-PICK OPPORTUNITIES (subject to change with wet conditions) :

Tuesday, July 14 (7:00am-12:00pm, or as berries remain)

**U-Pick and COVID-19 : We are confident that you will be able to come pick blueberries safely and in satisfying ways! We will seek to follow guidelines set forth by the CDC and IDPH and ask that you would continue to follow those best practices as well. Please keep ample distance between yourself and others throughout your U-Pick experience. We encourage you to wear a mask when weighing and paying for your berries after picking. The Hungry World Farm assistant will be wearing a mask when assisting you. We understand that  transmission of the coronavirus is thought to be greatly diminished outside in the fresh air, and we are confident that your experience will be good and healthy (and hopefully quite enjoyable!). We are amazed by these fruits, and we are glad you can come and pick them straight from the plants in the freshness of the outdoors. We encourage you to bring your own container for picking. We will have some containers available, which we will sanitize between uses, but we encourage you to bring your own if you think of it. Hand sanitizer will be available for your use.


The 2020 harvest of vegetables continues! We are harvesting weekly for our CSA (community supported agriculture) program and custom orders on Tuesday (Tiskilwa/Princeton area) and Friday (Peoria area). If you are interested in our products but are unsure about your options for getting them from us, please contact us. Please sign up to receive Product Updates by email if you are interested in learning more about produce availability as the season progresses.

The 2020 strawberry season is now finished. We had a very limited quantity of strawberries this year. Thanks to all who expressed interest in them, whether we were able to pick any for you or not. We will not have any strawberries in 2021.

For additional produce-related questions, please contact us at 309-360-5728 or stephan@hungryworldfarm.com. Thank you!



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