Building Soil…Together!

2020 will be remembered as a year when an invisible microbe known as the Coronavirus powerfully re-shaped human life.  At Hungry World Farm, we’re celebrating that viruses aren’t the only invisible powerhouses on this planet.

Did you know that there are billions of microbes in a single teaspoon of healthy soil? And these tiny organisms are doing enormous good, for the health of our soils, our food, our bodies, and our world!

Hungry World Farm is dedicated to partnering with that vast array of soil microbes to nurture health and hope for our local and global community of living things. 

We’re thankful for the partnership of so many friends and neighbors, near and far, in our 3rd year of nourishing healthy SOIL, healthy FOOD, healthy COMMUNITIES, and a healthy PLANET!

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SOIL: In 2020, we nourished the life of the soil in our produce gardens and pasture lands by: 

  • keeping the soil covered to keep topsoil intact
  • practicing intensive, rotational grazing with our sheep and goats
  • feeding soil life with compost and manure
  •  planting a diversity of crops side by side
  •  keeping weeds and insects in balance without the use of chemicals
  • supporting the life of a variety of wild plants, insects, birds, and more!

FOOD: We rejoiced abundant yields of flavor-full, nutrient-packed veggies, berries, eggs and meat, organic corn, as well as a bumper crop of high-quality hay!  In 2020, we shared over 900 pounds of that produce with food-insecure households through two local food pantries. Another 2,000 pounds of produce was shared through a grant-funded program of Midwest Food Bank.

COMMUNITY: Just as healthy soil is the foundation of a healthy world, vibrant relationships are the foundation of a healthy organization. In 2020, our farm community expanded significantly! In addition to our dedicated farmers and resident volunteers we added to our farm team:

  • 5 seasonal young adult interns–4 from the U.S. and 1 International Visitor Exchange Program volunteer from Tanzania
  • Executive Director (on a half-time, volunteer basis)
  • Special Projects volunteer (half-time, volunteer)
  • 2 new board members.
Maiga, Katie and Margo prepare onions, turnips, beets, and carrots for sharing with Hungry World Farm customers.
HWF interns Maiga Muga, Kaitie Troyer, and Margo McClane in June 2020.

While Covid-19 limited our community learning events, we were able to host 2 public Farm Tours and a farm walk-about with Savanna Institute staff and interns. Our Executive Director was also able to preach and share about HWF with several congregations and community groups via ZOOM. We are grateful for supportive, soil-building relationships with community members and organizations like Faith in Place, the Tiskilwa Historical Society, Illinois Nature Preserves Commission, The Savanna Institute, Mennonite Central Committee and more.

Community prayer, fellowship, and reflection have been a regular part of the rhythm of life on the farm in 2020, as well. The work of restoring the soil and restoring our souls go hand in hand.

Reflecting on his time at Hungry World Farm, intern Maiga Muga (who came to us from Tanzania through Mennonite Central Committee’s International Visitor Exchange Program ) commented, “Hungry World Farm is more than a farm. People learn about hungers for food, for relationships, and for God.”

PLANET: We trust that, like yeast in bread dough our work at HWF impacts not only our local community. We are a small but significant part of God’s work of restoring our PLANET.

THANKS to all our customers, volunteers, prayer partners, meal providers, financial contributors, and fans.  Your varied gifts, like the diversity of microbes in healthy soil, support both the day to day operations and the unfolding dreams of Hungry World Farm.

We look forward to nurturing healthy soils, food, communities and a healthier Earth with YOU in 2021!

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