**We will no longer be open for U-pick blueberries on Saturday, July 20th. The hot, dry conditions we have experienced recently have impacted the ripening of berries. As such, we do not have enough berries to offer U-pick on Saturday. This could conclude the 2019 U-pick season. If you are still hoping for one more chance to pick blueberries, please check this page next week to stay tuned for the possibility of additional U-pick hours. A big thanks to all who made the trip out to pick (or buy berries at farmers’ markets) this season! You are making it possible for us to continue this work.


We plan to bring assorted produce to the Peoria RiverFront Farmers’ Market on Saturday, July 20th. Maybe see you there!


*U-pick notes:

…We will have buckets for you to pick into (though feel free to bring your own if you have one). Also, please bring a container or bag for taking the berries home (though we will have some of these for you, too).


2019 Blueberry pricing:

     U-pick: $3.00 / lb

     Farmers’ Market: $7.00 / pint

     Bulk/Wholesale: $7.00 / lb

If you are interested in joining the next CSA opportunity to begin early August, let us know.

For additional questions, please contact us at 309-360-5728 or stephan@hungryworldfarm.com. Thank you!